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IECEx Certified Cordless Miner' Caplamps

Uncertified Cordless Miner'Caplamps

IECEx Certified Petrochemical Helmet Lamps

Charging Banks

Lamp Accessories

Traditional Caplamp

Roobuck Caplamp Bracket

Hemet & Attachment
I.S. Helmet Beacons

I.S. LED Strap

LED Hi-Vis Safety Vest

Cordless Sandblast Light

UG Mining Machine Headlight

ELV Tunnel Lighting System

Steel Mesh Reinforced PE Pipe

> Exd UG Mining Machine Headlight & Worklight
High power LEDs, brone enclosure, temperature monitgoring, HIgh-Beam and Red Taillight operations. KSC2xy-Ex

> RC2B: Oversea certified low cost caplamp
Low cost oversea-certified caplamp. Three operating modes with 3, 6 and 9 LEDs on.
Best sellers

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> KH3E-Ex: I.S. Standard Model
KH3E-Ex for metalliferous mines and KC3E-Ex for underground coal mines are our flagship models of Cordless Miner’s Caplamps. There are three operating modes: Standard, High-Beam and Emergency.


incl. GST

> KH2M-Ex: I.S. Lightweight Model
KH2M-Ex is a lightweight model of the Helmet Lamp and Torch series in 7-LEDs. Every LED has an individual concave reflector so a well focused beam can be achieved. It also features a longer operating.


> RLVA*: LED Safety Vest
LED Hi-Vis Vest has 14 LEDs to highlight your presence making you clearly visible and safe at all the times. Visibility range up to 300m.


> RLS-*BR-Ex: I.S. LED Strap
Intrinsically Safe LED Strap can be used to make various products for peresonal or equipment protection such as Hi-Vis LED workwear and LED Wearable Strap..


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